Antec P101 Silent Review 16

Antec P101 Silent Review


Value and Conclusion

  • The Antec P101 Silent has an MSRP of US$ 100 excl. taxes.
  • Solid build quality
  • Four fans right out of the box
  • Sound dampening materials on all solid panels and ceiling as well as door
  • Fan controller built-in and pre-wired
  • Can hold an excellent 10 drives out of the box
  • Includes a 5.25" drive bay
  • Removable dust filter on all intake areas
  • Plenty of room for PSUs, large CPU coolers, and GPUs
  • Thin 360 radiator will fit in the front without sacrificing HDD cages
  • USB ports are lit for easy access
  • Good cable management
  • Tool-less 3.5" HDD assembly
  • Plenty of space around motherboard tray
  • Zip tie "bumps" may be too tiny to use
  • No grommets for cleanest looks possible
  • Asymmetrical door that can only be swung open in one direction
  • Molex vs. SATA power connectors for LED/fan controller
The Antec P101 Silent is the perfect example of a chassis that doesn't reinvent the wheel, plays it safe, and deliveries. It utilizes a proven, functional feature set, keeps a solid construction ethic with the 0.8 mm steel body, and adds some unique bits here and there.

To break it down, the P101, part of the P family of enclosures from Antec, offers plenty of room for high-performance hardware and the ability to install loads of storage out of the box, which in itself is becoming quite the rarity these days. Then, looking at the I/O, you still get the complete set of I/O along with the fan controller we have come to expect from the line up. There is naturally also the abundant use of sound dampening, which is in line with the "Silent" part of the model name.

Antec then goes ahead and couples this with four fans—three 120 mm ones in the front and a single 140 mm in the rear right out of the box—and pre-wires the whole thing to that fan controller to underline the fact that that it is meant to be quiet yet potent. Naturally, as expected with a chassis like this, there are dust filters on all intake areas for easy cleaning, and just to be cool, Antec has also placed LEDs around the USB ports, which I consider a nice, functional cherry on top of everything else.

If there is anything wrong with the P101, it is minor things. I would have loved to see grommets on the motherboard tray for the cleanest look possible, and some may find themselves frustrated at the unique but somewhat less useful zip tie "bumps" on the same part of the chassis. Last but not least, those with modular PSUs may whine about the fact that they have to use a Molex lead just because Antec has chosen to use it instead of SATA. Like I said, all of these clearly fall into the category of "I am being very picky".

The vast majority will love the chassis, and for the sub-US$100 price tag, it offers everything it promises: a silent operation, performance, and value. Like I said: Antec has gone the route of trusted and true, playing it safe, and that approach results in a great chassis with the P101 Silent.
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