Antec P120 Crystal Review 14

Antec P120 Crystal Review


Value and Conclusion

  • The Antec P120 Crystal sells for just under US$100 excl. taxes.
  • Excellent build quality
  • Detailed engineering with clean window panels, functional latch, and beautifully shaped side panel.
  • Lighting around the USB 3.0 ports
  • Plenty of cooling possibilities in side and floor
  • Removable dust filters on all intake areas
  • Loads of space for vertical GPU
  • Functional GPU support bracket included
  • Velcro strips for useful cable management
  • Easy assembly process
  • Plenty of ability to hide cables for a clean final build
  • Top-mounted PSU helpful in cooling the CPU
  • Naturally quiet—no additional fans!
  • Mainstream users will miss fans, which will add cost to the build
  • USB-C would have been appropriate for this case
The Antec P120 Crystal feels like a huge step in the right direction for the brand. Subjectively, Antec has managed to push towards more unique enclosures with a deeper design signature again in the last year or so, and the P120 Crystal finally feels like the tables have turned with something that just speaks their vision and brand. The exterior of the P120 Crystal is extremely well built, and it is apparent that the tooling is brand new. While I don't think all elements are 100% exclusive to the chassis, the reality is that most cases end up evolving from what is available at factories out there, and it is up to the brand to invest into tooling and design to make it their own.

That having been said, the P120 Crystal is sleek, comes with essentially nothing but steel and glass, and goes into great detail when it comes to the functional design. The exterior offers plenty of nice unique selling points, like the latch-equipped side panel or completely clean glass panel. On top of that, I am a big fan of the lit up USB ports in the top and the steel top cover.

Antec also decided to push the envelope on the interior with the dual-mounting positions for either air or liquid cooling with the extra effort to keep the front all clean so you can really show off your parts nicely. Pair that with the abilities to still go for potent air-cooled components and vertical GPUs and you don't have to sacrifice any tangible compatibility.

That having been said, the case doesn't come with fans, which—just as similar offers like the Lian Li PC-O11—means that it isn't the wisest choice for those wanting cooling out of the box. Instead, it is clearly aimed at the enthusiasts who care which fans end up as part of their computer. Turns out, the P120 will end up being compared to exactly that chassis from Lian Li. While the latter is a good $40 more expensive at the time of this review, it sets the bar for this type of case layout. Considering this, the P120 Crystal can easily hold its own at the price point even if it may not push the design boundaries as far. I even daresay that for the majority of users, the savings in the chassis can be reinvested elsewhere, making the P120 Crystal a more sensible choice when it comes to bang for your buck.
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