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ASRock Z390 Taichi Review

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Packaging and Contents

The front of the ASRock Z390 Taichi box follows the classic Taichi pattern. A dark background is split roughly in half with a curved line reminiscent of a yin and yang symbol. On the upper right side is a detailed graphic of gears and cogs, while the lower left boasts the ASRock Z390 Taichi name. The bottom of the box has the Intel badges and a Polychrome Sync badge, as well as SLI, Crossfire, and HDMI badges.

The back of the box displays highlighted features on its left three quarters, while the rightmost quarter is taken up by a top-down view of the board, diagram of the rear I/O, and specification list. Inside the outer box shell is a much sturdier, more pragmatic inner box. Most manufacturers have settled on this general box design for a reason; it's efficient while still allowing for some style and flare. The design of the graphics is catchy, and the printing quality is superb.

Opening the inner box reveals the included accessories sitting on top of a cardboard divider. Lifting the divider away reveals the board encased in an antistatic bag and protective foam. Once freed from its bag, the ASRock Z390 Taichi shows itself to be securely zip tied into the protective foam. This is ASRock's signature packaging setup, and while it is not as flashy as some other manufacturers, it is exceptionally secure.

Stepping back to the accessories, the ASRock Z390 Taichi has a typical assortment on offer. Notable additions are an SLI hard bridge and a rear I/O cover that is finished in black.

The full list of accessories includes:
  • Manual and support DVD
  • Warranty card and software setup guide
  • 4x SATA 6 Gb/s sleeved cables
  • 2x WiFi antenna
  • 1x SLI HB bridge L
  • 1x Rear I/O cover
  • 3x M.2 mounting screws
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