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ASUS Prime X299 Edition 30 Review

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The front of the ASUS Prime X299 Edition 30 box features a satin white background with a few gold lines for accent. "ASUS Prime X299 Edition 30" is in the center left, "ASUS" in the top left, and the brand badging in the bottom right. The back of the box has a diagram of the board, as well as a list of standout features and specifications. While the diagram does not offer a view of the rear I/O, it does have a list of available connectivity prominently displayed.

Overall, the box design follows the premium minimalist approach in the best possible way. There aren't many white boards on the market, and the ASUS Prime X299 Edition 30 packaging capitalizes on the white theme to great effect.

Upon opening the box, I am greeted by another white cover with "ASUS 30 years" and an arrow-shaped cutout, which is a thank you card from ASUS.

Underneath the cover, the ASUS Prime X299 Edition 30 sits in a tray of premium high-density foam.

A lot of small design elements of the ASUS Prime X299 Edition 30 packaging look and feel like a part of the product rather than a delivery method. Unboxing is an experience rather than a chore.

The ASUS Prime X299 Edition 30 comes with more than a few accessories. All the expected bits are there: a manual, Wi-Fi antenna, SATA cables, and an assortment of ROG swag. There are also plenty of extras: more SATA cables, thermistors, and RGB extensions. The real stars of the show are the Fan Extension Card II and the Smart Control Console.

The Smart Control Console is basically an external post-code display and hardware monitor that also has a camera array for Windows Hello facial recognition. The hardware monitor is useful, and the gesture control is neat, if a bit of a gimmick. If I have anything negative to say about the Smart Control Console, it is that it requires two USB cables for full functionality.

Hopefully, ASUS can reduce that to one cable in future revisions. I would also like to see post-code functionality for the Smart Control Console as that would provide an extra convenience for those who keep their case in hard to see places.

The full list of accessories includes:
  • Manuals and driver disk
  • CableMod coupon
  • 6x SATA 6 Gb/s cables
  • 6x Micro USB 2.0 cables (Smart Control Console)
  • 1x DP to DP cable
  • 1x TB3 GPIO cable
  • 1x Smart Control Console
  • 3x Thermistor cables
  • RGB strip extension cable
  • Addressable RGB strip extension cable
  • 3x M.2 mounting hardware
  • Q-Connector
  • Fan Extension Card II
  • Fan Extension Card II power cable
  • Fan Extension Card II NODE connector cable
  • 4x Fan Extension Card II mounting screws
  • WiFi antenna
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