ASUS ROG Chakram Core Review 13

ASUS ROG Chakram Core Review

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Packaging, Weight, Cable, and Feet


Aside from the mouse, one finds an additional joystick handle, joystick socket cover, tweezers, 13.6 g weight, quick start guide, and warranty card in the box.


My scale shows around 94 g (+/- 1 g), which is lower than the weight cited by ASUS. Given the size, functionality, and additional buttons of the Chakram Core, this is actually a perfectly reasonable weight. Compared to the regular Chakram, the Chakram Core feels much lighter in hand. If desired, the weight can be brought up to 108 g with the included 13.6 g weight.


The Chakram Core features a regular braided cable. Flexibility is strictly average, but that's still better than expected. Compared to the charging cable included with the regular Chakram, this cable is a massive improvement. Its measured length is 1.80 m.


The feet on the Chakram Core are regular black-dyed PTFE (Teflon) feet. Glide is perfectly fine. The ring around the sensor ensures CPI stays consistent upon applying vertical pressure.
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