ASUS ROG Maximus XII Extreme Review 15

ASUS ROG Maximus XII Extreme Review

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Packaging and Contents

The front of the ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XII Extreme box features a black background with subtle, printed patterns. In the top-right corner is a brushed metal background, while the rest of the box has a line pattern. "ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XI Extreme Gaming Motherboard" is in the center left, with the Republic of Gamers logo in the top right. "ASUS" is in the bottom left, and the brand badging is in the bottom right.

The back of the box has all the highlights: a top-down shot of the board, several panels detailing prominent features, a shot of the rear I/O, and the specifications list. The box design is well executed and matches the board perfectly.

For accessories, the ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XII Extreme has it all. On top of the standard inclusions are thermistor cables, RGB extension cables, and an additional 40 mm VRM cooling fan. Additionally, there is a THUNDERBOLTEX 3-TR card adding Thunderbolt connectivity to the already robust storage options, a DIMM.2 card which adds two more M.2 slots, and the Fan Extension Card II which adds extra fan, RGB, and thermistor headers.

The full list of accessories includes:
  • Users manual
  • ROG logo plate sticker
  • 3 x M.2 screw package
  • MOS cooling kit (fan bracket and 40 x 40 mm fan)
  • Fan Extension Card II
  • Fan Extension Card II power cable
  • Fan Extension Card II NODE connector cable
  • Fan Extension Card II screw package
  • 2 x mini DisplayPort cable
  • ROG big sticker
  • Q-Connector
  • Wi-Fi antenna(s)
  • Extension cable for RGB strips (80 cm)
  • Extension cable for addressable LED
  • 3 x Thermistor cable(s)
  • USB drive with utilities and drivers
  • 8 x ROG weave SATA 6G cable
  • ROG DIMM.2 with heatsink
  • ROG multi-bit screwdriver
  • ASUS TB header cable
  • USB2.0 cable
  • ROG key chain
  • 2 x M.2 pad for ROG DIMM.2
  • 2-in-1 rubber pad
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