ASUS ROG Vulcan Pro ANC Gaming Headset Review 0

ASUS ROG Vulcan Pro ANC Gaming Headset Review

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The Package

The ASUS ROG Vulcan Pro ships with a hefty bundle. You even get a functional carrying case that provides a decent amount of protection. This is quite neat considering that the headset is aimed at avid LAN goers.

As a part of the bundle, you also get a USB sound card, which makes it easy to game with the exact same sound settings on multiple PCs.

The microphone is removable and that, along with the headband being able to fold, allows the headset to fit into its smallish carrying case.

The active noise cancellation (ANC) feature requires you to install a battery into the right ear cup. The Vulcan Pro uses one AAA battery.

Closer Examination

The aesthetics of the ASUS ROG Vulcan Pro headset can be questioned. The headband with its satin finish and those very glossy and red ear cups definitely make it keep up with all the trends we have seen on some recent gaming gear.

The ANC is turned on and off on the left ear cup. The button can easily be felt and allows for quick activation.

The headband is well padded, which is absolutely essential since the headset weighs quite a bit, especially with the AAA battery installed.

The connectors are well designed and small enough to work on laptops with little spacing between the jacks.

ASUS has gone with a circum aural design, which is perfect for this application. Unfortunately, long-term wearing comfort is compromised a bit because of the headset's unusually high weight.

The headset folds somewhat, which facilitates easy transportation. This is a great feature if anyone is looking for a headset to use at various LAN parties. The fact that you can pack it up into a reasonably-sized pouch is extremely nice.

The headband is really well made and so are the joints. Its styling is semi-flashy, which is not a real deal-breaker, but it may be borderline to some.

ASUS's attention to detail on this headset is really great. Even the microphone has its own little hanger inside the carrying case.
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