Attitude One Almaz Headset Review 1

Attitude One Almaz Headset Review

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The Package

Attitude One definitely went all in and designed a stylish box which displays the product nicely.

The number of cables you get with a set of Attitude One headphones is just staggering, but leaving one permanently connected to your PC only to be left with more you can swap to on the go is pretty convenient.

Closer Examination

The Almaz design is foldable, and while the ear cups do not rotate for an even tighter package, it is still reasonably small once collapsed. It is not Sennheiser PX-200 II small, but small enough not to cause too many issues in a backpack.

Both the pink and white version we had over for testing looked brilliant. The pink color is rich and well saturated, which makes it look really good.

The cables connected to the left ear cup.

The ear cups are well designed and have all the appropriate degrees of freedom to properly align with your ears.

The headband is a little stiff, but still quite comfortable. There is no internal padding, which should make it very durable.

The construction is very sturdy for a design mostly out of plastic, and the main joints work well.

The microphone is small and attaches to these headphones underneath the left ear cup. It is easy to put on and take off. The portable cables are also microphone-enabled, so you can take calls while listening to music on your phone.
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