AZiO MGK L80 Red, Blue and RGB Keyboards Review 7

AZiO MGK L80 Red, Blue and RGB Keyboards Review

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The packaging for all three keyboards is very similar since the only real difference is that the "MGK" lettering on the box is the same color as the keyboard inside; the color is also written on the box and there is a rather nice picture of the keyboard itself, which allows us to visually see what is inside. The keyboard's image takes up the majority of the space on the front of the box with only a little information shown; there are some technical details on the side of the box if you are interested, though.

On the back of the box is another large stylized picture of the keyboard to indicate which product is within. Here, there is an indication of what the keyboard can do, with a mention that it has a fast access volume wheel and is fully mechanical and fully backlit.

I am being honest here - the side of the box really didn't need to be shown, but there was just something quite satisfying about having all three boxes on top of each other, and as you can see, there are a few subtle differences between them.

Inside the box, we have the keyboard, an instruction booklet, a feedback leaflet, a wrist rest, and a keycap puller. It is great to see a pretty complete package with the AZiO L80 range since a lot of companies are going with the bare minimum to keep down costs without passing such savings on to customers; hopefully, we will see a good price on these keyboards.
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