be quiet! Silent Base 802 Review - An Evolution of the 801 7

be quiet! Silent Base 802 Review - An Evolution of the 801

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The be quiet! Silent Base 802 ships in a plain brown cardboard box with an image of the chassis on front, as well as a blow-up diagram that references the enclosure's individual features on the rear. Both sides of the package hold specifications, and be quiet! includes a QR code for you to scan for a digital version of the manual in either German or English.

Two thick Styrofoam spacers hold the tall chassis in place, and you will find the two feet embedded in the top piece. Thus, your first step is to clip these into place before unpacking the chassis fully.


You will receive a bundle of Velcro ties and sorted, black screws. Additionally, there is a single 3.5" cage to be installed as needed. While this is just fine, the 801 came with three such additional cages, which will be missed by those who will now have to buy these separately. A new addition making this the successor of the 801 consists of the mesh panels for both the front and top of the chassis, so you can pick and choose between a focus on silence or airflow. Lastly, while you do have the QR codes on the side of the box, there is still the paper manual as well.
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