BitFenix Colossus Mini-ITX Review 1

BitFenix Colossus Mini-ITX Review

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Value & Conclusion

  • The BitFenix Colossus Mini-ITX sells for around 90 euros including taxes or 90 US dollars excluding taxes.
  • Awesome lighting element
  • Plenty of space for fully sized components
  • Can hold a large number of hard drives
  • A long GPU will easily fit
  • Can hold potent liquid-cooling setup
  • Two fans included
  • Easily accessible fan placement
  • Dust filter on underside
  • USB 3.0 with 2.0 connectivity
  • Full ATX PSU fits
  • Removable hard-drive cage
  • LEDs can be toggled between blue, green, red, or off
  • Overall quality of the front panel is a bit fragile (ODD cover clips and clips holding lighting elements)
  • Tight fit for PSU
  • Filling all the 2.5" slots could get messy as eveything is pretty tight
  • A bit of a cable mess inside
  • No tool-less drive installation
  • Only 120 mm fan included in the rear - a 140 mm would be better
BitFenix entered the market with the original Colossus chassis, which was a massive tower case with elaborate lighting elements built into both side panels. It spawned multiple color variants and windowed versions. After that, the company focused on other case designs. With the Colossus Mini-ITX, BitFenix is returning to its roots, offering a cool fusion of the successful Prodigy and the unique Colossus which established it as a case brand in the first place. This mixture comes at a price premium of €20 when compared to the original Prodigy, which may be a bit much but is still alright if you dig its lighting elements. The biggest downside of the chassis is its somewhat fragile front panel. You really have to be careful during the assembly process or you might break some of the clips holding the front-drive-bay cover or those clear lighting elements in place off. If you take really good care not to rush things, the Colossus comes with all the advantages of the Prodigy wrapped into its ultimately cool DNA. BitFenix now only has to redesign the PSU bay to properly maximize on space while increasing the robustness of the front panel and including that PSU extension bracket to make this chassis one for an Editors Choice award, but as it stands now, it is still a great chassis we can recommend wholeheartedly.
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