BitFenix Colossus Review 17

BitFenix Colossus Review


Value & Conclusion

  • The BitFenix Colossus is available in all white or all black. The Case will set you back a mere 159 € in the Caseking shop. Expect to see a similar price but converted to US Dollars for the US market.
  • Competitive price / performance
  • Boatload of unique features
  • Embedded dual color LED system in doors & front
  • Coated plastic for more resilience
  • Lockable storage included
  • Grooves to run cables down the front of the case
  • Front I/O includes USB 3.0 and attached devices can be secured against theft
  • Huge amount of space inside
  • Tool-less expansion card system works extremely well
  • Tool-less system for drive bays
  • Two 230 mm fans included
  • Available in black or white
  • Water-cooling ready
  • Fan controller for up to 6 fans included
  • Switch to toggle lighting elements on/off
  • Interior black or white paint job
  • Great cable management possibilities
  • Door can be set to open either way you want
  • Whisper quiet
  • Paint job of door not perfect, a few small areas with less paint
  • Mainboard hole for backplates is a bit too small
  • Tooling a bit disadvantagous, hinges of door look a bit ugly
  • Hard drive trays a bit too flexible
  • Tool-less optical bay system does not hold drives very tight
  • Heavy - very heavy
  • No clean way to route USB 3.0 cables out the back of the chassis
It is always interesting to see how companies choose the labels and names for their products. While some are more or less what you would expect in terms of overall design, the BitFenix Colossus is a perfect fit. The case is incredibly wide, large, bulky and heavy. Clocking in at 16kg without any hardware installed, this case is not really meant to be moved around much. That said, it does hold a few features which are of interest to those who still want to drag this monster to a LAN party. A lockable compartment on top of the chassis, which holds all the front I/O. Connecting your peripherals here and then routing them down the grooves on either side of the front is not only useful during such gatherings but also reduces the overall cable mess on your desktop - if you choose to place this big tower on your desk.
Besides that, the embedded two color lighting scheme, which can also be switched off if needed, looks awesome. The eight mainboard expansion slots along with the impressive internal dimensions and the 12 drive bays do the name justice. BitFenix is not only making a splash, but a big bang with their first product to market. Sure, it has a few small shortcomings, like the less than perfect paint job on the door and the somewhat ugly hinges, but anyone wanting to have a tank of a case under their desk will like the BitFenix Collossus. It seems the case and the company behind it are here to stay.
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