BitFenix Portal Review 13

BitFenix Portal Review

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The Bitfenix Portal ships in a compact cardboard box with an image of both case variants on front. Turning the package around, the opposite side goes into some additional details about the main features of the unique chassis. Bitfenix has also made good use of the smaller sides by including specifications and a large sticker to let you know which variant is within the package.

Even though the package is already quite compact, the body of the Portal is even smaller, but it is protected by large Styrofoam spacers so that the standoffs are also protected. A plastic bag has been placed over the case as an additional layer of protection.


You will get a good number of cable ties, all-black screws, a motherboard speaker, and an Allen key with the Portal. The speaker is pretty redundant these days, and at first, I was not able to figure out what the Allen key is for. There is no real mention of its use in the manual, not at first sight, but it is actually needed for the removal of the stands on which the Portal rests - just in case you want to take them off or mod the chassis.
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