BitFenix Prodigy Review 11

BitFenix Prodigy Review


Value & Conclusion

  • Great price!
  • Compact size
  • 240 mm radiator support + possibly even 2x 240 mm!
  • Plenty of space for large tower coolers - up to 175 mm
  • Long GPUs will fit - up to 310 mm
  • FyberFlex carrying handles for easy transport
  • Can hold loads of HDDs
  • Available in black or white, with colored versions in the mix
  • Dust filter on all intake fans
  • Two retail BitFenix Spectre fans included
  • USB 3.0 cable with additional USB 2.0 leads
  • SofTouch surface
  • Two HDD cages and removable ODD bay for maximum flexibility
  • All black cables inside
  • Not enough screws
  • FyberFlex makes the case wobble a bit
  • No feet on the underside
  • Tight PSU bay
  • Not the most compact Mini-ITX chassis out there
BitFenix is one of the companies always willing to try new - bold things, the Prodigy is no exception. From side panels with embedded lighting to surface treatment or use of flexible materials, the company keeps pushing small new elements out the door. The Prodigy is their first Mini-ITX chassis and it manages to combine a rare set of attributes. Being fairly compact, with the ability to hold large CPU coolers, an ATX PSU and a long graphics card and standard optical drive, the chassis is the perfect base for a high performance, yet compact and portable system. Add the fact and flexibility to fill it up with hard drives, completely removable bays and the choice to allow for up to two 240 mm rads inside, make this a case a no brainer - especially at its price tag. With the choice of white or black at the moment and the future expansion to other colors, the BitFenix Prodigy can rightfully call itself by that name.
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