Bitspower Touchaqua Summit MS OLED Review 6

Bitspower Touchaqua Summit MS OLED Review

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Packaging and Accessories

If the Premium Summit M had a premium unboxing experience to match, and the mainstream Summit M had fancy packaging as well, the same can not be said for the Bitspower Touchaqua Summit MS. It is definitely adequate, however, with a cardboard box that has a black wrap and a mostly clean aesthetic. On the front is the Bitspower logo, and we have packaging labels on the back along with a QR code that takes you to the installation manual (online copy here). That's right, as with their other recent products, Bitspower is shying away from printed manuals across the board, and I still maintain that this is one of the few times where I would rather see a printed manual included in the box. There are more logos on the sides, and even on the seal that helps keep the contents inside in place during transit.

Opening the box, we see the block right away, placed inside a plastic zip lock pouch and on top of a piece of thick foam for further protection, as well as isolation from the other items inside the box, which also come separately packed in plastic pouches or vacuum sealed as with the mounting backplate for the various Intel sockets that need it. We also see the rest of the installation hardware, including plastic washers, metal nuts, metal screws, metal springs, standoffs, and a hex wrench. The Intel socket backplate, which no doubt will see more use than any other, comes in three pieces, including a rubber back pad, a metal back plane, and a 3M-branded sticky pad. One of the ways Bitspower is keeping costs low here is by having separate Intel and AMD versions of the block, so there is no AMD-specific gear included in this Intel version.
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