Brainwavz B200 In-ears Review 1

Brainwavz B200 In-ears Review

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The Package

The B200 ship in a small box packed with goodies.

In-ears demand a pretty extensive bundle if the manufacturer wants to accommodate all types of ears and preferences. Brainwavz has gone very far in order to make the B200 work with ears of all sizes and shapes. The tips are of a very high quality and include a set of Comply tips.

Closer Examination

Brainwavz has upped their design game tremendously over the past two years. The new B-series in-ears feature a wealth of neat design features. First is the incorporation of a very slim memory wire that is still pretty pliable, it having just the right amount of retention force as compared to the old designs with steel in the mix. Besides the memory-wire trickery, the B200 comes in a very ergonomic design that accommodates even small ears well. The design is reminiscent of the early small Westone UM1. Made in black shiny plastic, they do not draw unnecessary attention to their presence, which is nice.

Cable designs are notoriously hard to get right due to many usually conflicting design parameters. The Brainwavz B200's cable seems to strike a nice balance between durability, comfort, and microphonics. This is definitely one of the best designs out there, although the choice of implementing a 45 degree jack is somewhat odd.

The bundle barely fits in the case Brainwavz supplies, but you obviously will not carry everything around with you all the time. The carrying case provides more than enough space for the B200 and a few extras, perfect for longer trips and storage.
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