Bykski 30 mm RC Series Radiator Review 24

Bykski 30 mm RC Series Radiator Review

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Packaging and Accessories

There's going to be a lot of black and white in this review, so don't adjust your screens! The product packaging is monochrome to start things off with the Bykski logo and website on the front left, salient marketing features in the middle, a huge dragon logo on the left, and the radiator-specific mentions on the right. Contact information in English and Mandarin greets us on the back, along with a sticker that finally tells us about the actual product inside. On the longer sides are illustrations of all the different product categories under the Bykski brand, and two side flaps and a seal in the middle keep things intact on the way to you.

Opening the box, we see the radiator inside a bubble wrap for further protection, with the accessories inside a cardboard box on the side to prevent any damage to the radiator core. The box contains the installation screws which come inside a plastic zip-lock bag. We get a set of twelve 30-mm-long M3-threaded screws for this 360 mm radiator (four per 120 mm fan) to be used with standard 25-mm-thick fans and a case/radiator mount. Ideally, these would be alongside another 12 screws that are also M3-threaded and shorter at ~6 mm long. This second set of screws allows for flush mounting against the case or radiator mount, such that you have the option of push or pull for fans in intake or exhaust. Unfortunately for Bykski, there were only 11 screws present. While it matters not for my testing, the radiator will get dinged for this obvious QC issue. I did point it out to the company who said the factory will be informed right away.

Bykski also sent along a set of its new-ish all-on-one soft tube accessory, which is basically soft tubing with pre-attached rotary compression fittings at either end. These are made out of EPDM rubber in a 13/16 mm diameter sizing and meant to make life easy for DIY cooling. They are available in different lengths of 200/300/400/500 mm, and I have two of the 200 mm tubes here, both of which we'll take a closer look at on the next page.
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