Call of Duty Modern Warfare Benchmark Test, RTX & Performance Analysis 63

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Benchmark Test, RTX & Performance Analysis

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare is the sixteenth entry to arguably the gaming industry's most monetized game franchise. It is a reboot of the similarly named "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare" that originally debuted in 2007 to feverish fanfare due to its cinematic, story-driven single-player campaign. While technically a reboot, the new "Modern Warfare" doesn't recycle the original's plot.

Modern Warfare's single player campaign is still a story involving a transatlantic task force, a former Soviet bloc militia, and the Russians, except this time they are the bad guys. In order to track down weapons of mass destruction, CIA and SAS team up with a militia in a fictional Central Asian country named Urzikstan, which has been invaded by Russia. It's not all run-and-gun with Modern Warfare single player. The game also grades you on a "collateral damage" scale at the end of each mission. You are assessed on moral choices you make in combat, such as deciding to kill a civilian-looking NPC you think is reaching for a gun.

Under the hood, Modern Warfare is based on a new engine by Infinity Ward that leverages DirectX 12, with optional NVIDIA RTX real-time ray-tracing support. It's one of the very few titles that ships with RTX on day one. In this performance article, we test Call of Duty Modern Warfare across a selection of recent graphics cards at three resolutions. We also include images that let you compare the visuals and performance impact of RTX.


All screenshots were taken at the highest settings with raytracing off. The gallery can be navigated with the cursor keys.

Graphics Settings

  • You may choose between "windowed", "borderless", and "fullscreen".
  • V-Sync can be disabled, and you are free to completely remove the FPS cap or fine-tune it to your requirements
  • 3D Resolution lets you adjust the game's internal rendering resolution for better performance, while the HUD and texts remain crisp. The range for this setting is 45% to 200%.
  • Field of View is found not on this screen but in the "Gameplay" settings; the range for that option is 60° to 120°, which is plenty.
  • Anti-aliasing can be selected from: "Off", "SMAA 1X", "SMAA T2X", "Filmic SMAA T2C"
  • "Motion Blur" can be disabled separately for "world" and "weapon"; you can also turn this option off completely—very good
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