Chieftec Polaris 1050 W Review 2

Chieftec Polaris 1050 W Review


Value and Conclusion

  • The Chieftec Polaris 1050 W is sold for €106 without VAT in the EU. This product is not available in the US, unfortunately.
  • Low price
  • Powerful
  • Delivered full power at 47°C
  • Efficient
  • Highly efficient 5VSB rail
  • Good ripple suppression on all rails but 3.3 V
  • Properly tuned OPP and OCP at +12 V
  • High PF readings
  • Low EMI emissions
  • Alternative Sleep mode support
  • Two EPS and six PCIe connectors
  • Quality FDB fan
  • Fully modular
  • Short warranty compared to the competition
  • Electrolytic caps on the secondary side not of very high quality
  • Mediocre transient response, especially at 3.3 V
  • High inrush currents with 230 V input
  • Hold-up time doesn't exceed 17 ms
  • Ripple at 3.3 V should be a bit lower at high loads
  • High OCP triggering point on the minor rails
  • No over temperature protection (or it is set too high)
  • The fan-speed profile could be less aggressive
  • Not available in the US
Chieftec followed a very aggressive pricing scheme for the Polaris 1050 W, lowering its price by at least €20, which currently puts it at €106 without VAT. This is an excellent price for such a strong power supply with decent overall performance and high efficiency levels, especially at light loads. The two-year warranty will probably be disappointing for many since other brands provide much longer warranties ranging from five to twelve years. I am not a fan of the Teapo SC caps Chieftec used in the secondary side. Still, the cooling fan is of good quality, and the fan-speed profile is aggressive enough to cool them down efficiently under all operating conditions. So if you don't expose this PSU to high voltage surges, it will easily outlive the provided warranty and last for much longer.

There aren't many power supplies of over 1000 W capacity I could suggest at this price point. Despite the long cons list, the Polaris 1050 deserves a place in your buying list if you need a strong PSU and don't have much money to spend. The most significant drawback is the electrolytic cap choice on the secondary side, with the over-temperature protection a close second. I tried hard to force this PSU to shut down, though to no avail. Finally, it would be nice if Chieftec were to make it available in the US, all while keeping the same competitive pricing scheme as in the EU.

The major competitors of the Chieftec Polaris cost notably more. Still, I will mention them, and they are the EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 G6 and Corsair RM1000x. There are also the Chieftronic Powerplay 1050 and Kolink Continuum 1050, which offer slightly higher efficiency levels but cost close to €200. In other words, at €125 including VAT, the Polaris 1050 is a good deal, so go for it if you don't want or cannot spend €40 more for a Corsair RM1000x. That having been said, the latter has a ten-year warranty, better caps, offers better performance, and has lower noise output.
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