Cooler Master Cosmos II 25th Anniversary Review 21

Cooler Master Cosmos II 25th Anniversary Review

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The Cooler Master Cosmos II ships in a fully colored cardboard box with an image of the chassis on the front, while the back goes into details about its feature set. One of the sides sports another picture of the enclosure, while the panel opposite it lists its specifications.

The Cosmos II is held in place by two thick Styrofoam spacers and is protected by a plastic bag. While this is perfectly adequate and functional, I was hoping to see a black cloth bag of the sorts past Cosmos cases came in. The current unboxing experience is no different to that of other traditional cases out there, which the Cosmos II tries to break away from.


Besides a detailed manual, you get all the screws you could need and a generous supply of cable ties as well as cable management bits, alongside rails for liquid cooling, a power extension cable, and even an old school speaker. There are also two sets of keys to lock the drive bays in place, for example. In addition to all this, Cooler Master has included a high-quality LED strip with which you may light up the interior of the chassis.
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