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Cooler Master Cosmos SE Review

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Cooler Master packs the Cosmos SE into the same type of fully colored package as its larger brother. It has a dark backdrop with an image of the case on the front, alongside the Cosmos SE label. You will also find additional images of the case interior on the back highlighting the enclosure's features.

A thick pair of Stryrofoam spacers holds the chassis in place, while a simple plastic bag has been applied to protect the Cosmos SE from scratches and fingerprints during the packing process. I use the word "simple" because its bigger version comes bagged in a cloth variant instead. It would have been a nice little addition of CoolerMaster to continue that tradition with this one.


Besides the manual, which lets you know how get the most out of the chassis with water-cooling, you will receive all-black screws, lots of cable ties, and a tiny speaker for your motherboard. There are also plenty of anti-vibration rings for any fans you happen to install, a little metal piece to act as a locking hole, and two brackets you will need for certain water-cooling constellations.
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