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Cooler Master G550M 550 W Review

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The PSU comes in a small white package with the unit's photo taking up about half of the front's real estate. Next to it is the model number, depicted in large black font, and below it we find a list with the PSU's most important features, including a series of badges denoting the Bronze efficiency, DC-DC converters for the minor rails, ErP 2013 compliance, single +12V rail, and five year warranty.

This side has the specifications table and a table describing the power specifications of the rails.

A multilingual reference to CM's site for more information about this product is given here, with various certifications this PSU has.

As per usual, the most interesting information is on the back of the box. Here, you will find two graphs showing the efficiency and fan operating curves of the G550M. There is also a short description of the unit's basic features in multiple languages and a photographical list of all available connectors. CM could also add cable length and connector count to provide potential buyers with more juicy information. This may come as hard-to-swallow information, but some people (enough) still decide which PSU they will buy at the last minute, while they are at the store and without reading a review. More information on cable length could come in handy with these fellows. That said, the thriving online shopping culture has reduced last minute purchases while scavenging around a shop, so people do conduct quick searches online before deciding on their choice PSU product.


The unit is protected by eco-friendly material inside the box, and bubble wrap provides it with an additional layer of protection. The offered protection is, all in all, good; the PSU will then reach your hands in pristine condition.

The bundle include a user's manual, the AC power cord, some modular cables, and a set of fixing bolts for chassis mounting.

This manual is common to all members of the GM family.


The finish is glossy and of good quality, especially for this product's price. On the front, we find a honeycomb-style exhaust vent, and the on/off switch is located right next to the AC receptacle. The small decals on both sides are plain without spoiling the unit's look, while the modular panel in the rear only includes very few sockets and too many native cables. The plastic grommet around the cable-exit hole is a nice touch, while the specifications label is installed on the bottom of the PSU.

The unit's dimensions are very compact because of its small length, so it will easily fit into an ATX-compatible case, regardless of how small it may be. Finally, we can't stop thinking about how much more cooler this unit would look with fully modular cables, but a fully modular design would make it considerably more expensive.

All native cables are fully sleeved back into the housing, but they aren't stealth or flat.

Contrary to the native cables, all modular ones are stealth and ribboned.
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