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Cooler Master HAF XM Review

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Cooler Master packages the HAF XM in the same type of full color cardboard box we have seen with the Cosmos II or previous generations of the HAF chassis. A large image of the case has been placed on the front, while the rear goes into some detail about the features.

Both sides of the package have carrying holes, but only one gives you some more information as it lists the specifications in detail. The other panel has another image of the chassis for you to look at.

The chassis is held in place by two thick Styrofoam spacers, so you will not have to worry about it getting damaged during transport. A plastic bag further protects the HAF XM from fingerprints and dust during the packing process at the factory.


Cooler Master includes a full set of black screws in combination with golden motherboard spacers. A few extra long screws should allow you to install radiators in the appropriate locations of the case, while a good number of zip ties are a welcome addition to keep the system clean and tidy once set up. A fairly detailed manual in multiple languages is also part of the contents.
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