Cooler Master Mastercase H500 Review 9

Cooler Master Mastercase H500 Review


Value and Conclusion

  • The Cooler Master Mastercase H500 clocks in at that magical US$100 mark.
  • Solid construction, including of the front
  • Extra-solid panel for the front included
  • Excellent liquid-cooling possibilities
  • Excellent cable management results in a very clean interior
  • Light tint on the tempered glass panel a great way to show off hardware
  • Both 200 mm fans in front are LED-equipped
  • Removable dust filters on bottom and top of chassis (front mesh acts as a dust filter as well)
  • Loads of space for large and long hardware
  • In-line RGB controller included
  • Tool-less HDD installation
  • Metal cable shroud inside really helps with cleanliness
  • Built-in handle for up to 20 kg
  • RGB controller hard to reach if you don't want to sacrifice your reset button
  • Only has space for four hard drives
  • Single vertical expansion slot not of any real use as GPUs are dual-slot these days
  • Fragile sticker on glass a pain to remove
  • Rear fan sports no LEDs
The Cooler Master Mastercase H500 is the base model of the fully sized H family, as the lack of a letter after its model number also shows. It is what Cooler Master envisions the pure mass-market unit to be. Its comparatively low price tag really shows this as well, as the case tends to sell for as little as US$100, while the fancier models go as far as coming in at well over US$200.

While the case may look a little basic from the back, the extremely solid construction quality across all areas of the chassis ensures you won't ever feel that the money was not well spent, and Cooler Master has done a good job of transporting the design elements of the H series over to the Mastercase H500.

In regards to functionality, there are no real surprises. We expected excellent liquid-cooling support with a chassis of this size and bulk and are not disappointed as you can install such units in the ceiling and the front easily. On top of that, cable management is excellent, resulting in a very tidy interior, which is important as Cooler Master has been confident enough to provide a glass side panel with very little tint that shows everything off inside clearly. It is also nice to see that you get a solid cover to make the case your own a little bit at least. On top of that, the design gives you that handle at the top, but Cooler Master rates it for up to 20 kg, which in my humble opinion is not a lot at all. The case clocks in at 9.22 kg on its own, so hitting 20 kg is not unrealistic.

Besides a few annoyances, one big drawback for a smaller group of users may be the low number of hard-drive mounting possibilities, but those users will probably be alright opting for a higher-end H-series case anyways.

Overall, the Cooler Master Mastercase H500 is a well-positioned mass-market case for those who still want to end up as part of the family without spending the usual premium on the fancier variants.
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