Cooler Master Mastercase H500M Review 6

Cooler Master Mastercase H500M Review


Value and Conclusion

  • The Cooler Master Mastercase H500M has an MSRP of US$199.99 excl. taxes or €199 incl. taxes.
  • One of the cleanest-looking cases out there—remember I did not touch my cable mess!
  • Great material mix—a huge step up from the H500P
  • Redesigned shroud and PSU frame result in easy installation of power supply
  • Functional GPU support element
  • Four USB 3.0 and a USB 3.1 Type C
  • Both metal mesh and glass front cover included
  • Addressable RGB fans in the front
  • PCB to adjust colors of fans included
  • Lighting easily expandable
  • Excellent liquid-cooling support with mounting possibilities for radiators, pumps, and reservoirs
  • You may mount up to six 2.5" drives nicely within the system
  • Cool unboxing experience
  • 3.5" HDD cage still quite difficult to get to once your system is up and running
  • USB 3.1 Type-C cable weirdly short
  • SSDs won't be very secure during transportation
  • Side panel locks offer very little security from unauthorized access
The Cooler Master Mastercase H500M basically addresses most of the issues we mentioned when reviewing the Mastercase H500P. On one hand, the PSU bay is now easily reachable. Gone are the USB 2.0 ports, the RGB fans can be controlled with an included PCB, and the hard-drive count is now at eight vs. the four in the P variant. The only facet that remains complicated is the reachability of the 3.5" drives, which suddenly does not seem like such a big deal considering all the improvements and adjustments that simply make the Mastercase H500M better in every regard.

Cooler Master has done an excellent job at refining the case on the outside as well. Besides the material mix, all the plastic components feel sturdier and offer more airflow. On top of that, radiator/fan support has been improved and you are now able to add both a reservoir and pump to the chassis right out of the box. In addition, the two glass side panels may be considered bold as most users aim to hide the cable mess behind the motherboard tray, but thanks to the three covers, there is simply no mess to see even though I did not use a single cable tie when building the system for this review.

Last but not least, the two 200 mm RGB fans with the addressable RGB LEDs are a nice upgrade, with the lighting possibilities now accessible right out of the box without the need for a special motherboard header.

If there is anything odd about the case, it is the somewhat short USB 3.1 cable, which could be quite the issue for those who buy the case to use specifically because it is one of the few options out there with such an interface.

Overall, the Cooler Master Mastercase H500M feels far more refined than the H500P, offering a much better design as well as an appropriate material mix for a case in this price range. Sure, it is $50 more expensive, but that can be attributed mostly to the non-functional improvements in the use of materials and the upgraded fans and controller board as all the tooling changes are what really make a tangible difference. Thus, the Mastercase H500M is deserving of the Editor's Choice award.
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