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Cooler Master V Series 1000 W Review

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Value and Conclusion

  • The Cooler Master V1000 will be available in the EU around the end of April with an MSRP of €159.58 (VAT excluded). It will be available a little later in the US, around the middle of May.
  • Nice price/performance ratio (at least for the EU market)
  • Easily delivered more than its full power at 46°C
  • Very good ripple suppression
  • Tight voltage regulation
  • Very good response at dynamic loads
  • Highly efficient
  • Quiet operation at normal ambient
  • High quality (FDB) fan
  • Japanese caps
  • Fully modular design
  • 8 PCIe connectors
  • Flat modular cables
  • A few more peripheral connectors would be ideal
  • Short distance between the peripheral connectors
  • No thermal paste used on the +12V heatsinks
Cooler Master managed to deliver an excellent product that easily meets the competition eye to eye, sure to claim a big market share in the high-end category. They wisely chose to leave Enhance for a while to team up with Seasonic, at least for their new V series, and I am really anxious to see their next (Platinum) move. The fresh V series is based on Seasonic's excellent KM3 platform, the same platform that the direct competition utilizes, but its capacity does, in this case, reach 1 kW, and the components that support the design are of very high quality. CM only used the best Japanese capacitors in this PSU, and they didn't stop there, but also made a point of equipping it with an excellent FDB fan made by Protechnic. Besides the top notch performance that the V1000 registered in all areas (voltage regulation, ripple suppression, and efficiency), it also managed to achieve a fairly silent operation with nearly up to a 750 W load at normal ambient. This is amazing, especially for a PSU of such high capacity. The PSU's restricted heat dissipation surely played a key role here, along with the silent fan and the relaxed fan profile that keeps a strict RPM policy. The V1000 unit will not only be appreciated by users seeking extra-high performance, but also by those that want a combination of high performance and silent operation, something really difficult to find in the heavy weight (or better capacity) category of PSUs with 1 kW or more maximum power.

To sum up, CM has a winner on their hands with these new units, and they will surely re-claim a big market share in the high-end category, forcing the competition to drop their prices, which would be beneficiary to all consumers; that is, if they play their cards well (a question of whether they manage to keep prices low). That seems to be the case in Europe as the V1000 will come at a really competitive price. Cooler Master was, as it seems, in need of another OEM and some fresh ideas to achieve such a result, and I hope that they will keep it this way. As for the V1000, I cannot find a reason not to buy this unit if you are looking for a high-performance PSU. **CM informed us that all V series units are officially Haswell ready
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