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Cooltek Coolcube Maxi Black Review

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Before installing the mATX board within the case, one needs to add the spacers that have been included, as the Coolcube Maxi does not come with all the required spacers for such a board pre-attached to the insides of the chassis. Once done, installing the unit is straight forward, but of a somewhat tight fit. However, you can easily install large top-down coolers with a low profile, and even very long graphics cards. The GeForce GTX 285 is one of the longest single-GPU cards out there and fits into the chassis perfectly with a few millimeters to spare.

As mentioned before, the floor-mounted hard drive is held in place with screws and rubber rings. Nothing out of the ordinary here. You may pick the direction the connectors point. Installing the larger drives into the side cage is also done with the included black screws. Cooltek has already pre-applied the rubber rings here, saving you the step in the assembly process. As you can see, the drives are installed with the PCB facing towards the inside of the case.

Due to the compact nature of the chassis, you should pre-attach everything before assembly to avoid blocking off vital connector, which would force you to take everything apart again. I, on top of that, made the mistake of leaving the second fan on the Phanteks cooler. Just leaving the bottom one in place will make the cooler fit into the chassis perfectly while still offering active air flow. As this is a case review, however, the bottom fan is of no concern. The fully sized ATX PSU fits into the chassis perfectly once all the cables are attached. You should also be able to use longer, more powerful variants within the Coolcube Maxi.

Finished Looks

With everything in place, the case makes a clean impression when turned on. Due to the lack of pre-installed fans, the system is nice and quiet. In the rear, you have easy access to everything; just like with bigger enclosures. If you look closely at the side of the case, you can see the silver of the hard drives shimmering through the air vent.

A ring around the power button lights up blue once the system has been turned on—a perfect fit for both the silver- and black variant of the Coolcube Maxi.
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