Corsair AX1200i 1200 W Review 13

Corsair AX1200i 1200 W Review

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Value and Conclusion

  • The Corsair AX1200i retails for $349.99
  • Delivered full power at 50°C
  • Highly efficient
  • Astonishing ripple suppression
  • Tight voltage regulation
  • Silent operation
  • Software that allows control/monitoring
  • Fully modular
  • 7 year warranty
  • Stiff price
  • Two additional PCIe connectors would be ideal
Finally the time has come, once more, to give you the review's conclusion. In this case, thankfully, a pretty straightforward task since the AX1200i excelled in all tests I conducted and registered, without any doubt, the most spectacular performance I ever measured in any of the numerous PSUs (over 130) I have tested so far. Corsair's new flagship PSU has tight voltage regulation, high efficiency throughout all load ranges, God-like ripple suppression and features silent operation. Moreover, it utilizes a fully modular design through the Corsair Link software you can highly customize and, at the same time, use to monitor its operation. It also comes with a seven year warranty to boast. I also shouldn't forget to mention its nice looks. What else could I possibly ask for? Perhaps a lower price, but first, I should take into account the cost of the Corsair Link development-implementation and also the cost of the high quality parts used in this unit. As I stated many times in previous reviews, good things in life unfortunately don't come cheap.

To wrap up, if you want the absolute best PSU available on the market today, then the AX1200i was made for you. I am really eager to see the competition's response to this amazing PSU, since the AX1200i clearly rocked the boat. Because of PSUs like this one, the competition's PSU engineers will be highly stressed to provide fresh and innovative designs that will be able to achieve such high performance levels.
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