Corsair Crystal 680X RGB Review 12

Corsair Crystal 680X RGB Review

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Value and Conclusion

  • The Corsair Crystal 680X RGB goes for US$249 excl. taxes and €249 euros incl. taxes.
  • Can hold loads of liquid cooling—up to three multi-fan radiators!
  • Nicely designed and arranged interior
  • Great overall quality, including for the plastic parts
  • Can hold seven hard drives out of the box
  • Well-engineered, secure PSU bay
  • Extremely easy to keep clean and tidy
  • Removable dust filters on all intake areas
  • All three glass panels are thick and solid
  • Available in black or white
  • Includes Lightning Node Pro and 3x LL120 RGB fans ($100 value)
  • USB 3.1 Type-C Gen2 I/O part of the chassis
  • 2.5" HDD trays allow for some wiggle room
  • Basic manual with no in-depth insights
  • No security with magnetic glass side window
The Corsair Crystal 680X RGB builds on three extremely successful formulas for the brand. On one hand, it uses the general cube layout we have come to love, along with the design language of the Crystal series and the same conscious and functional "upsizing" of a smaller variant already on the market.

Besides the already established cube setup generally used by most cases of that form factor, Corsair manages to win points not only with the exterior design and good material mix, but also internally, with great execution of functionality and features. The fact that you can stuff the Crystal 680X RGB full of radiators, have lots of room remaining, and keep everything that counts so effortlessly clean just makes the building experience a breeze. With plenty of storage space, ample space for big air coolers and uncompromising dust protection, you won't have to worry about any such issues either.

But all of that somewhat pales due to the fact that Corsair has taken a $250 case and stuck a full set of LL120 fans with the Corsair Lighting Node Pro into it out of the box. Those RGB-specific additions are $100 on their own. I am not saying that it makes the chassis a steal as that translates to $150 for the bare case itself, but it is a nice choice considering the Crystal series was always meant to have lots of RGB lighting. Having the fully featured retail set of illuminated fans in here is not a bad bundling choice at all, and for those who don't need that, there is always the Air series to look at.

Overall, the Corsair Crystal 680X is the brand's surefire way of presenting another cube case geared towards those who want more flash and bling, by using everything they have learned and executed on successfully in the past, which makes the Crystal 680X a pretty sweet chassis.
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