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Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless Review

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All three new Corsair mice share the same style of packaging even though their size differs a bit. The Harpoon RGB Wireless comes in a black and yellow box that features the standard technical specifications and information, as well as some render pictures and marketing text here and there. There is no front door that can be flipped open to a plastic window thankfully—this simpler form of packaging is more elegant in my opinion, and it's environmentally friendlier too. The contents of the box are the mouse itself and some warranty, setup, and disposal guides—there are no extra mouse feet, unfortunately.


Ordinary might not be the first thing coming to mind when you glance at the Harpoon. It's a short, but rather bulky mouse with quite a lot going on. Initially, I thought it was ambidextrous, but it's actually optimized for right-handed users, and side buttons are on the left side only as well. The right side is slanted a bit as well. I cannot really compare this mouse to anything I've tried so far, but it's probably closest to the ASUS TUF Gaming M5 in terms of feel.

There's a big groove on the left side for your thumb, and the right side has a bit of one, but it's shallower. These help with picking up the mouse a lot—it's not very light, and trust me, these grooves make a huge difference. Both main buttons have some grooves as well, to help your fingers rest in a more comfortable position. I've found the Harpoon to be very comfortable for my claw grip (I approximately have 18x9 cm hands).

Let's move on to the measurements: the Harpoon is around 115.5 mm (5.12") long, which is quite long for a mouse. The total width is 68.3 mm (2.69"), but the actual width at which it can be gripped is way narrower at approximately only 55 mm (2.17"). It is about 40.4 mm (1.59") at the tallest point, and the hump is at the back of the shell. The mouse has a rather unique shape that will mainly suit claw and fingertip grippers, but with about 16 cm hands (6.3") or smaller, it might be an ideal choice for palm gripping as well.

Here are some extra pictures of the mouse:


Here are some shape/size comparisons with other mice:

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