CORSAIR Hydro X Series XR5 360 Radiator Review 2

CORSAIR Hydro X Series XR5 360 Radiator Review

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Packaging and Accessories

CORSAIR operates a web shop in the USA. However, this sample came from their marketing hub along with a few other products. So we begin directly with the product packaging, which is decidedly CORSAIR if you have seen any of their products in recent years. The for them now typical yellow and black color scheme greets us with the company and product name on the front and a render of the radiator inside. This continues on the back and sides with more technical and marketing features listed in multiple languages. We at this point see that the Hydro XR5 360 uses a two-stage packaging with an outer box and an inner cardboard box accessible through the sides.

As with the Hydro XR7 360, we see the Hardware Labs influence with the plain cardboard box inside the other cardboard box outside. Made out of recycled cardboard, this inner box should be completely recyclable as well, if what I know of the brand is correct. Side flaps help keep the contents inside in place. and once this box is opened, we see the radiator inside a piece of thin foam and a bubble wrap, snugly between the cardboard as well as more foam on the sides.

The provided accessories are off by the side and inside another cardboard compartment to prevent them from hitting and damaging the radiator. CORSAIR provides twelve 6 mm, 30 mm, and 35 mm long M4 threaded screws, each, with a Phillips head on all screws to aid in their use with fans. As such, we have enough for a single set of 25 mm thick fans in push or pull and intake or exhaust. Note that the longer screws are to be used with thicker case panels or radiator mounts where the usual 30 mm long screws may not be long enough. This is a change from the usual Black Ice offerings unless that has changed since I examined them, and it is a welcome change as well.
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