Corsair RM Series 750 W Review 16

Corsair RM Series 750 W Review

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Value and Conclusion

  • The Corsair RM750 retails for $129.99.
  • Delivered full power at 45°C
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Tight enough voltage regulation on all rails
  • High efficiency
  • Low ripple at +12V
  • Semi-passive mode
  • Fully modular
  • 5 year warranty
  • Compatible with the Corsair Link Software (but an extra cable is needed)
  • Modular cables are flat and stealth
  • Accurate readings of the Corsair Link software
  • Nice looks and finish
  • Choice of capacitors in the secondary side
  • The fan engages rather late
  • Limited functionality of the Corsair Link software because the PSU isn't digitally controlled
  • 3.3V performance in Advanced Transient Response tests
  • Corsair Digital Bridge not in the bundle, but including it would raise the price
Corsair won’t leave the competition in peace. They keep on releasing new PSU models with nice features to address various market segments. Corsair apparently wants to exploit its creative potential fully, which tends to be good since competition usually benefits consumers first. The new Corsair RM PSUs address users that hate noisy components and want the quietest possible PSU without having to pay a fortune for it. Nor do these have the restrictions of passive PSUs, like small capacity and installation restrictions. The RM750 I tried today is without any doubt one of the quietest PSUs I have ever tested, passive ones not included, and it owes its nearly silent operation to its specially designed fan and semi-passive operation. However, I must add here that I didn't feel comfortable with the fan engaging as late as it did, and I would prefer it to spin up earlier to protect sensitive components, like electrolytic caps. I also don't agree with the caps choice Corsair made, since they went with Ltec, a brand with a bad reputation. I can understand the desire to keep cost down, but increased internal temperatures are part of the day-to-day routine in a semi-passive unit, and you absolutely have to be careful about the components going into such a unit. But Corsair seems to trust the platform and its components since they provide this unit with a five year warranty, covering those electing to go with the RM750 should anything go wrong.

The RM750 performed well overall, its price is fair for what it offers, and its fully modular design is an ace up its sleeve. You can also monitor +12V current output and fan speed if you buy Corsair's optional Digital Bridge and download the Corsair Link software. Now, some of you may complain because the Digital Bridge wasn't included in the bundle, but it would have raised the final price, which Corsair didn't want, especially because it can only obtain two RM750 readings.
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