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Corsair Sabre RGB Pro Wireless Review

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Packaging, Weight, Cable, and Feet


Aside from the mouse, one finds a charging cable (USB Type-A to Type-C), wireless dongle, quick start guide, safety information guide, and warranty guide inside the box.


My scale shows around 79 g (+/- 1 g), which is exactly in line with the weight cited by Corsair. This is only 7 g more than the wired Sabre RGB Pro and highly respectable given the Sabre RGB Pro Wireless is a genuinely large mouse not resorting to holes for weight reduction. Compared to several of its right-handed ergonomic peers, such as the ASUS ROG Gladius III Wireless at 89 g or ROCCAT Kone Pro Air at 73 g, the Sabre RGB Pro Wireless too does very well.


The Sabre RGB Pro Wireless comes with a regular rubber charging cable (USB Type-A to Type-C). There is no anchor at the mouse-end of the cable, so it may come loose during use even though the connector sits tight. In terms of flexibility, it can only be described as majorly stiff, even more so in comparison with many of its competitors. As such, I consider this cable unusably stiff for wired use. Its measured length is 1.75 m.

As the Sabre RGB Pro Wireless lacks a wireless extender, the wireless dongle needs to be plugged directly into a USB port. When doing so, as per Intel's documentation, it is strongly recommended not to use a USB 3.x port as ports of this type may introduce interference adversely affecting wireless operation. A storage compartment for the wireless dongle is located on the bottom of the mouse.


The feet on the Sabre RGB Pro Wireless are regular black-dyed PTFE (Teflon) feet. Glide is fine. The ring around the sensor ensures CPI stays consistent upon applying vertical pressure. Small indentations next to the feet make them easy to remove.
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