Corsair Strafe Gaming Keyboard Review 8

Corsair Strafe Gaming Keyboard Review

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Value & Conclusion

  • The Corsair Strafe sells for $109!
  • Price for the features on offer
  • Build quality
  • Bundle
  • Light show capability
  • Driver performance
  • Cherry MX key selection
  • USB plug
  • Still a bit costly
  • Light show feature not for all
  • A bit on the noisy side!
Corsair did well with the Strafe. The base is solid, and its general design looks pretty good for a gaming keyboard. The number of features Corsair managed to squeeze into the Strafe while keeping its retail price at US$109 is better than what most other companies manage. The keyboard's feature set strikes a nice balance between usability and gaming; the Strafe is quite the all-arounder. However, it is noisier than most, especially when coming from one running hybrid keys, but the typing experience is perfectly crisp, and button feedback is totally consistent, as you would expect from a well-implemented Cherry MX equipped deck.

The lighting system is something I guess a small crowd will find incredibly neat, but it is pretty safe to say that it is a bit over the top with the Strafe. I can see the use of having individual backlights in a few scenarios, but beyond that, the lighting system is just there to show-off with. People heavily into modding will of course be overjoyed by the sheer number of lighting options Corsair brought to the Strafe. That said, it is not a multi-colored back-lighting system, which might dim the attraction for some.
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