Cougar QBX Review 9

Cougar QBX Review


Value & Conclusion

  • The Cougar QBX sells for less than 50 euro including taxes or 55 US dollars excluding taxes.
  • Really affordable!
  • Good construction quality
  • Can hold a 120 mm AIO liquid cooler
  • Well-engineered for the price
  • Simple internal structures, but very effective
  • Can hold extra long GPUs
  • Can hold full ATX PSU of up to 140 mm
  • Up to 7 fans may be installed
  • 3 SSDs and a HDD will fit inside
  • Slot-in ODD drive bay available
  • Short and potent PSUs are hard to find
  • Not all PSUs will fit due to the direction the power cable's plug will face
  • No dust filters on side panels
The Cougar QBX is surprisingly affordable, clocking in at less than 60 US dollars, all while still offering you everything you could be looking for inside a compact Mini-ITX chassis. You can install both GPUs of up to 350 mm in length and a CPU cooler of 105 mm in height.

Cougar managed to include every feature you would usually find in a compact tower chassis: multiple fan locations, liquid-cooling compatibility, a possibility to install an ODD bay, and the flexibility for high-end hardware, with the ability to cool it as well. That said, it is not quite as refined as the aluminum NCASE M1, but only costs a third of the price. At that price point, the QBX is a really awesome chassis with an unbelievably low price tag. So, if you are looking for a Mini-ITX chassis for gaming or a hybrid HTPC system, you will not find anything better at its price point or beyond.
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