Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 32 GB 2400 MHz DDR4 Review 39

Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 32 GB 2400 MHz DDR4 Review



I've covered many memory kits from Crucial over the years. For the most part, those kits aren't very fast, but to offset that, they are very decently priced. They also offer wide compatibility with BIOSes, but look a bit plain. Yet Crucial has now taken a new stance on looks by offering quite a few different ones for both DDR3 and DDR4 with their "SPORT" series of DIMMs; DIMMs that feature speeds just a touch over the baseline frequencies.

A few weeks ago, I was offered the chance to cover another Crucial set, and I could tell their marketing rep was excited. That made me excited, especially when he said I would be getting a white kit, recently released. When the kit arrived on my doorstep and I opened the package, I literally sat down at my desk with the DIMMs in hand and just stared at them for a while. These are not your normal DIMMs from Crucial. These aren't simply white heatspreaders over green or black PCBs. These Sport LT sticks have white PCBs!

My current "daily driver" uses a white and black motherboard, so I was more than happy to get white sticks, but I did not expect the awesomeness I had in my hands. These sticks look great, and Crucial sent me a kit with just two sticks for a total of 32 GB in size. That makes 16 GB per stick! But enough yammering, let's take a look.

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SPEED RATING:DDR4-2400 (PC4-19200)
RATED TIMINGS:16-16-16-39-2t
CAPACITY:32 GB (16 GB x2)
PCB TYPE:8-Layer


The packaging I received from Crucial isn't quite the same as in retail. There is no label on my box, but when you go to the store to buy these sticks, you'll find a nice label with all the important details. The box for Crucial's retail kits should be similar in shape and size, however.
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