Danger Den MC-TDX Waterblock Review 12

Danger Den MC-TDX Waterblock Review

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Value and Conclusion

  • The Danger Den MC-TDX sells for $59.95 US Dollars.
  • Great performance
  • Optimized for Quad Core CPUs
  • Simple installation
  • Barbs included
  • Good finish
  • Competitive pricing
  • No wasted money on fancy packaging or inferior thermal compounds
  • No backplate to help support motherboard
  • Some incompatibilities possible due to irregular shape
The Danger Den MC-TDX was as simple to install as a waterblock could be. Danger Den continues its legacy of excellent machining of well-cast copper. The only parts included with the kit were what were required, except for some clamps for the tubing. However, these are inexpensive and readily available online and at local hardware stores. I had no issues with Danger Den not including thermal paste or using fancy packaging, as these are not needed and only add to the cost. To top it off, the MC-TDX is competitively priced at $59.95 directly through Danger Den's online store. I was impressed that the MC-TDX was able to make a slight improvement over the original TDX when used on the E6850, even though the MC-TDX is optimized for Quad Core CPUs.

The only major concern I had with the MC-TDX is that I felt it would have been better to upgrade the mounting hardware to include a backplate for the motherboard. Lack of the backplate makes it possible to have some warping of the motherboard, especially if the thumbscrews are over-tightened. Also, users should make sure there are not any obstructions around the CPU socket before purchasing or installation.

Overall I enjoyed working with the new MC-TDX. If you are looking to watercool a Quad Core setup, I would recommend looking into the Danger Den MC-TDX for your watercooling loop.
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