DeepCool Steam Castle Review 2

DeepCool Steam Castle Review

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Value & Conclusion

  • The DeepCool Steam Castle will set you back around 70 pounds or 85 euros including taxes.
  • Sweet steam-punk look
  • Multi-colored LEDs in top cover
  • Fan controller included
  • Micro-ATX in a fairly compact chassis
  • Should be able to hold water-cooling rigs
  • Large CPU coolers will fit
  • Standard ATX-sized PSU bay
  • Long GPUs will fit
  • Large tinted window
  • Removable dust filter
  • Well-rounded I/O
  • Available in four different colors
  • Limited availability—no distributor in the EU or the US has the chassis listed
  • Same frame available from numerous other brands
  • No mention of how much wattage the fan controller can handle anywhere
  • No external 3.5" bay
  • Long GPUs mean sacrificing the internal 3.5" bay
  • Colored fan-controller cables
  • Plastic a bit soft, so the chassis is prone to scrapes and superficial damage if you knock it against something
Let's get one obvious thing out of the way—the DeepCool Steam Castle uses the exact same frame as the Xigmatek Aquila and Aerocool DS Cube, which is by no means a bad thing as the frame is quite potent and functional. With the ability to install fans into the top without sacrificing the 5.25" bay and while leaving the external 3.5" drive's frame there for you to install a hard drive as long as you do not use a long graphics card, DeepCool made sure the chassis remains as functional as possible. The Steam Castle also ups the ante by including four USB ports as part of its I/O panel and a fan / LED controller, which brings us to what sets this chassis apart from all the others—its looks. It may be similar to the Aerocool on the inside, but, boy, does it take the cake once you place the two side by side. DeepCool has done a great job in capturing the steam-punk vibe with the Steam Castle, and the front's and top's very elaborate plastic molds are nothing to scoff at—on the contrary. The level of detail is quite impressive. Add the four embedded LED lights in the ceiling, which can be set to light up in three different colors, and you get a chassis which requires no modding to look extraordinary right out of the box. Sure, the look may not be for everyone, but those who like it, will love it.
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