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EasySMX Gaming Mice Review

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All EasySMX mice share the same minimalist packaging style with only the company logo and a tiny amount of information on it. We're talking about simple cardboard boxes with basically no internal structure on the V18 and V50 mice; the only protection these get is some padding foil. The BD-01, on the other hand, has some proper (unfortunately plastic) protection inside—by the way, all three mice arrived unscathed from halfway across the world. As for contents, the BD-01's package includes a rather big instruction booklet and a mini CD (which I haven't seen in a very long time), while the other two mice only include voucher cards and small quick-start guides.


As can clearly be seen in the pictures, all three mice are very different in terms of shape. What is noticeable right away is that all are ODM models some other brands use as well.


If you know your gaming mice and take a glance at the V50, you might think you've seen it before, and you would not be very far off. With its very similar curves, the mouse resembles the Logitech G Pro/G102/G203/G305 shell a lot, but there are some big differences, too.

Since the V50 is similar to the previously mentioned Logitech mice, it has the same "bar of soap" shape, which means the sides are convex. While a fairly strange feature, it actually works pretty well. Since the bottom of the mouse narrows down, the sides are not straight but slanted towards the bottom plate, which makes the V50 easier to pick up and move around with a stable grip. Both main buttons feature some comfort grooves, which helps your fingers settle into a more natural, relaxed position.

Moving on to the measurements, the V50 is 118.8 mm (4.68") long, so we can call it fairly short for a gaming mouse. The total width is 64.6 mm (2.54"), but depending on your grip style, the actual width at which it is gripped is narrower, approximately 55 mm (2.2"). The total height is 38.8 mm (1.56"), and the hump is a bit towards the back. With these dimensions, I would mainly recommend this mouse to claw and fingertip grippers with hands between 16 and 20 cm. Of course, these are just rough guidelines that should not be taken for granted—if possible, always try a mouse before buying it.


The V18 is a right-handed ergonomic model with a very pronounced shape. It might seem big, but is not a big model and fit my 18x9 cm hands very well. It has a relatively low profile, which was quite surprising at first, but after a while, I realized it's actually very comfortable, although what works for me may not work for you.

The rear of the mouse flares out a lot, creating a larger resting area for your palms. The shell also has a ring-finger rest, which is rare at this price point. Overall, there are a lot of ledges that break surface consistency, which didn't bother my palms.

As for measurements, the V18 is 124 mm (4.89") long. Its total width is 79 mm (3.11"), but the actual width at which it is gripped is decidedly less due to the shell's design. The total height is 38 mm (1.50"), and the hump is at the back. With these dimensions, I would mainly recommend this mouse to palm grippers with hands between 15 and 19 cm long. Once again, these are just rough guidelines.


The BD-01 features an interesting shape. Its form factor is ambidextrous, but it has side buttons on the left only, which mostly makes it suitable for right-handed users. The mouse has a rather high profile and is of average length, and both the front and bottom rear flare out, which makes it somewhat similar to the Cougar Minos X5, for example, even if it feels different in the hands.

The sides curve inward aggressively, which helps a lot with maintaining a stable grip, especially when the mouse is being picked up. The specifications can be misleading—while it might seem large, it's actually more of a medium-sized device that fits my medium-sized hands well.

Let's see some measurements: the BD-01 is 124.6 mm (4.91") long. Its total width is 75.1 mm (2.96"), but just like with the V18, the actual width at which it is gripped is way less due to the shell design. The total height is 42.3 mm (1.67"), and the hump is at the back. With these dimensions, I would mainly recommend this mouse to palm and claw grippers with hands that are between 16 and 20 cm long.

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