ECS G31T-M Review 22

ECS G31T-M Review

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ECS uses an Award BIOS.

The first page lets you change HDD settings and floppy disk drives - if you still have them.

Advanced BIOS has a number of options to enable or disable certain CPU features and to set the order in which drives are tried at bootup.

The chipset page has only options related to memory speed and the integrated VGA graphics.

You can change the amount of memory the VGA uses - it uses a portion of the main memory. DVMT is a technology by Intel that automatically selects the amount of memory the GMA accelerator uses.
From the Intel website: "The amount of video memory is dependent upon the amount of pre-allocated memory set for your system plus something called Dynamic Video Memory Technology (DVMT). DVMT, as its name implies, dynamically allocates system memory for use as video memory to ensure the most efficient use of available resources for maximum 2D/3D graphics performance."

Memory clock can be selected between 667 MHz and 800 MHz, which is a quite limited choice but ok for a non-enthusiast motherboard.

You can choose to either use the SPD to set your memory timings automatically or to override them by manual selection. The range of option goes from 3-3-3-9 to 6-6-6-15.
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