ECS LIVA Mini PC Kit Review 23

ECS LIVA Mini PC Kit Review

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Assembly & Setup

After installing the wireless card, you have to install the antennas in their proper locations within the plastic housing. Remove a backing to expose the adhesive that keeps the antenna in place and install the antenna with the black wire in the same location as mine, shown in the photograph above.

Install the second antenna next, making sure to route the wires through the little spots that hold them in place, both on the underside of the top and along the side. This will have the wires facing up, held in place securely for you to set the ECS BAT-MINI PCB into place.

Two little clips in the casing hold the PCB in place tightly. It takes a bit of effort to secure the PCB, and you will hear a very strong "click" when it's secure to let you know you did everything as it should be done.

Next, attach the two wires, sliding the plastic covers out of the way to be able to do so. I slid the covers back as close to the wireless card as possible to help prevent any shorts. Place the bottom cover on top next, compress it slightly, and you are all done!

Looking at the back of the unit, we can see that everything lines up nicely, and we are now ready to feed the ECS LIVA Mini PC Kit some power to fire it up.

Since the ECS LIVA Mini PC Kit is passively cooled, with no fans, there are vents on the side and the top to help airflow travel around the heatsink thanks to convective cooling, which is sufficient because the Bay Trail-M SoC only pulls 4 W on average. The casing itself barely got warm when I used it, and was also absolutely silent because there are no fans or other moving parts.
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