EK-XRES 140 SPC PWM Classic RGB Review 1

EK-XRES 140 SPC PWM Classic RGB Review

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Packaging and Accessories

After having checked out the EK-Supremacy Classic RGB block, packaging for this EK-XRES 140 SPC PWM Classic RGB reservoir/pump combo unit was no surprise. Indeed, we again have a plain cardboard box of a rectangular cuboid in shape with a small seal on the front and top that has some of the information pertaining to the product on it as well. We see, for example, a small render of the product and technical specifications for those who want to know more when coming across it in brick and mortar stores.

Cutting open the seal and opening the box, we see multi-level cardboard box packaging to help separate the accessories from the reservoir. We are greeted by two separate plastic pouches thus, which include a foam-based anti-cyclone insert, a flat ribbon-style PWM extension cable with all black insulation and headers, which leads me to believe there is a shorter cable on the actual pump than usual, two Allen keys to aid in installation and disassembly, and a set of metal screws and washers with spares for when you want to affix the reservoir in place.

Underneath, in the bottom layer, is the reservoir/pump combo unit wrapped inside a piece of foam to add some protection during transit. The acrylic nature of the reservoir is more forgiving with this arguably worse packaging than I would have liked, and it did arrive in perfect condition all the way from Slovenia as well. The product comes, as with most EK products these days, in a plastic wrap that has a seal on it to indicate whether it has been opened or not.

Missing in the packaging is a hard copy of the installation manual, which is why the QR code was placed on the packaging. EKWB expects users to access it on their phone or other devices already ready to go, and the online copy can be found here. I do not agree with this decision as I feel that components that are required for a PC to work are better off with a printed manual, and no one should assume their customer has access to another device. That said, installation is pretty trivial in this case given the nature of the predominantly assembled product out of the box, so I will not be taking off "points" in this case.

I will also mention at this point that the product page mentions a 120 mm fan hole mounting frame that is included, and there are some images of it on said page as well. It was not included in my review sample, and I have contacted EK to get clarification on this.
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