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Endgame Gear XM1 White Review

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Packaging, Weight, Cable and Feet


The XM1 White comes in exactly the same box as the regular XM1. The mouse still sits nicely padded in a foam mold, along with a quick start guide.


My scale shows around 70 g (+/- 1 g) with a bit of cable, which is an excellent result. Looks like none of the changes added any weight compared to the regular XM1, which is a good thing.


The XM1 White features a paracord-like braided cable. Compared to the paracord-style cables of the competition it is easily one of the best. Even right out of the box, there are barely any kinks, and the flexibility is incredible. Compared to the regular XM1 with its decent, but slightly underwhelming rubber cable, this cable is a huge step up. The length is 1.85 m (measured). The cable has a ferrite bead attached to it, which helps reduce noise.


The feet on the XM1 White are white-dyed 99.5% PTFE (Teflon) feet with slightly rounded edges. Their glide is excellent. Compared to the feet of the regular XM1, these are slightly thicker (0.8 mm instead of 0.6 mm), resulting in an even better glide and improved durability. 100% PTFE skates are available from Endgame Gear directly, as well as German retailer Caseking as an accessory.
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