Fractal Design Define R5 Review 11

Fractal Design Define R5 Review

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The Fractal Design R5 ships in a brown cardboard box with a drawing of the unit on the front and details on its features on the back. On its sides are also carrying holes, an additional image of the chassis, and a list of specifications.

Two sturdy Styrofoam spacers hold the entire unit in place and protect it from damage during shipping, while a plastic bag has been applied to keep scratches and fingerprints away.


The Define R5 ships with an assortment of all-black screws and some cable ties. Fractal Design also includes a plastic tip to help with the application of the motherboard's spacers. This is the first time we see one out of plastic, and while clearly not as sturdy as one out of metal, odds are you will only use it once. There is also a very detailed manual to guide you through the entire assembly process.
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