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Fractal Era ITX Review

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The Fractal Era ITX ships in their usual styled brown box with an image of the chassis and a sticker to let you know which variant you will be getting on the front. You will find a blow-up image of the chassis and some additional unique selling points listed on the back. Even though the box is rather compact, there are two carrying holes on the sides, where a specifications table and another image can be found.

After opening the box, you would probably expect some spacers and a plastic bag in which the chassis is packaged. Not so in this case. Fractal has placed the accessories box neatly on top of the case, so it is the first thing you see.


The box comes with black foam which holds all the elements in place neatly and securely.

Fractal ships the Era ITX with the usual set of screws and zip ties. On top of that, the wooden top panel and vented cover are also placed alongside the small parts, a very detailed manual, and some warranty information.
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