Fractal Design Focus G Mini Review 4

Fractal Design Focus G Mini Review


Value and Conclusion

  • The Fractal Design Focus G Mini goes for US$50 excl. taxes
  • Two 120 mm fans included out of the box
  • Comes with two 5.25" drive bays
  • 240 mm radiators will fit in the ceiling and front
  • Dust filter on all intake areas
  • Long GPUs will easily fit
  • One dedicated SSD spot behind motherboard tray
  • Tool-less 3.5" and ODD drive assembly
  • Clean and compact design
  • ODD needs to be short or it will get in the way of the motherboard
  • Only three spots for storage, which may not be enough for some
  • Single USB 3.0 and 2.0 plugs, but full connectors for each internally
  • 2.5" slots on board tray not accessible once system has been assembled
  • Cable mess needs some work to contain, but doing so is possible
The Fractal Design Focus G Mini can be considered a "no frills" mATX case. It is clearly aimed at system integrators and those wanting an affordable and simple enclosure to house their hardware in. On one hand, the Focus G Mini is able to hold both air and liquid cooling while allowing for broad GPU compatibility, which makes the case a great choice for system integrators that want one base and all the possibilities. The price of the chassis also aligns with the fact that it will most likely be used for entry level systems as it can only hold three hard drives—a limitation that may keep system integrators from using it for more complex configurations.

On the other hand, the Focus G Mini is compact and simple while offering just the necessities that someone building a budget system would be looking for. The two 120 mm fans are definitely a highlight in a case of this size and price, but it feels like Fractal Design could have gone all-in on USB 3.0 to offer that little extra for your money. There are some other annoyances, like the requirement for compact ODDs; however, in today's world, this is not such a big deal with everything being available digitally.

With a case this simple, you should not expect a beautifully clean interior, but even investing a bit of extra time to keep things tidy won't hide everything completely, which is, however, also not a deal breaker.

So, for a mere 50 dollars, you get a good chassis that transparently delivers functionality with a few minor drawbacks. In that price range, there is a lot of competition, and Fractal Design does manage to stick out with the two 120 mm white LED fans and a build quality that is better than most others in this price class. In a case of this price class, looks are king, and fans and build quality result in the Focus G Mini offering that little extra bang for your buck.
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