FSP CMT510 Review 3

FSP CMT510 Review


Value and Conclusion

  • The FSP CMT510 goes for a mere US$90 excluding taxes.
  • Excellent pricing for a case with all glass panels
  • Includes four RGB fans right out of the box
  • Clean and simple design
  • Great all-metal interior design - no plastic anywhere.
  • Plenty of space for large GPUs
  • Space for a 360 mm radiator in front
  • Magnetic dust filter in front
  • CPU coolers of up to 165 mm will fit
  • Easy PSU installation through the back of the chassis
  • RGB cable may be used as a reset switch or to toggle fan colors
  • One PCB to power RGB-based fans
  • PCB fan headers very basic - plugs slip off pins easily
  • Front dust filter too small to allow for unobstructed lighting
  • Proprietary connector for RGB fans
  • No dust filter in ceiling of chassis
  • Other cases have more liquid-cooling possibilities
  • Case is not intended to have a reset button out of the box
The FSP CMT510 has a lot going for it. On one hand, it is made out of steel and glass with no plastic to be found anywhere. The all-metal interior is clean, simple, but functional and has plenty of space for your motherboards and long GPUs. Tall CPU coolers should also be no issue with the ability to go as high as 165 mm on air cooling. Then there is the glass exterior: where some brands choose to use that type of material to justify a higher price tag, FSP is not. Then, last but not least, are the four 120 mm RGB fans the CMT510 comes equipped with right out of the box.

All in all, one thing is quite clear: the FSP CMT510 offers excellent value for the money when it comes to the materials and extras included. However, the budget price does show a little bit if you look a bit closer. While having proprietary fan cabling to enable RGB colors at this budget is just fine, the PCB skips small things, like proper fan headers, which means that the plugs will easily slip off the three pins when connected. On top of that, the front dust filter is too small, which is really too bad as it is magnetic. FSP could have easily made it big enough for the edges to reach beyond the overall size of the three fans in front to make sure it won't be seen when viewing the chassis from the front.

All these are small things that could have been done right without putting a dent into the price. Considering the MSRP, not having large radiator compatibility in the ceiling is just dandy, especially as you can put one of up to 360 mm in size into the front, which will be more than enough for most if not all customers of the FSP CMT510.

You ultimately will get a very good case with an excellent material mix at a great price, but with a few smaller issues that may or may not annoy you.
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