G.SKILL Trident Z Neo DDR4-3600 MHz CL16 2x8 GB Review 17

G.SKILL Trident Z Neo DDR4-3600 MHz CL16 2x8 GB Review




With memory prices continuing to plummet, now is a great time to be looking for memory upgrades. Winter hardware releases are in full swing, there is competition from both Intel and AMD, and the Red brand has thoroughly fixed the memory issues of generations past. No longer do users have to worry about memory compatibility or shopping for expensive AMD-branded kits. With 3200 MHz natively supported on the new Ryzen platform, options for enthusiasts have never been more open.

G.SKILL has made quite a name for itself in hardware enthusiast circles. The brands reputation for quality premium memory products is hardly a secret, and their Trident Z series is often considered the gold standard for what a good DDR4 kit should be. It should be no surprise to anyone that G.SKILL has prepared a new edition of this award winning memory design specifically to cater to new AMD adopters. The Trident Z Neo features the same fan-favorite profile with a new bold two-tone color scheme, and specifications aimed squarely at maximizing Ryzen 3000 performance.

The G.SKILL Trident Z Neo kit I have for testing today is specced at 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) 3600 MHz with 16-16-16-36 timings at 1.35 V, which many consider to be the ideal Ryzen spec. With twice the benchmarks to go through, let's not waste any more time! How will the G.SKILL Trident Z Neo perform?


Speed Rating:DDR4-3600
Rated Timings:16-16-16-36
Tested Capacity:16 GB (8 GB x2)
Tested Voltage:1.35 V
PCB Type:10 layers
Error Checking:Non-ECC
Form Factor:288-pin DIMM
Warranty:Limited Lifetime


The G.SKILL Trident Z Neo packaging is appropriately two-tone black and silver. Along the top quarter of the box is a clear window showcasing the top half of one of the sticks. "G.SKILL" is in the top-left corner, and "DDR4" is in the top right. A picture of the sticks features prominently on the bottom two thirds of the box, with "Trident Z Neo" in the bottom left and an AMD Ryzen brand badge in the bottom center. The back of the box has a nicely written paragraph about the Trident Z Neo on the top half, and the specification stickers and badges on the bottom half.

The G.SKILL Trident Z Neo packaging follows a standard form factor, but with a lot of thought and polish in terms of the presentation. G.SKILL wants to give buyers, especially new AMD adopters, confidence in their purchase.

Inside is a traditional molded plastic tray. The memory sticks are held firmly and kept quite safe from all but the most careless handling.

A Closer Look

If you are at all familiar with the now iconic Trident Z and Trident Z RGB series, the profile of the new Trident Z Neo will be instantly familiar. In fact, G.SKILL hasn't changed the overall shape of the sticks at all. Instead, the classic brushed aluminium heat spreader is only half the story. The other half is a nicely finished silver.

The G.SKILL Trident Z Neo sticks offer a sturdy contrast between bright silver and brushed black that, while bold, will match nicely with a wide variety of systems.

"Trident Z Neo" is printed on the brushed black side of each stick. The 3600 MHz XMP timings of 16-16-16-36 at 1.35 V are ideal for AMD's new Ryzen 3000 or Threadripper 3 processors.

"G.SKILL" is etched into the RGB LED diffuser on the silver side of each stick, as well as directly into the middle on top.

The G.SKILL TridentZ Neo sticks are single-sided and use a 10-layer PCB for added stability.

The backside has the controller for the RGB LEDs, of which there are five on each side.

The markings on the ICs didn't turn up anything, though Thaiphoon shows that these are Samsung chips, and should offer good options for overclocking.

The PCB is made by Brain Power, which is a common supplier.

I like to weigh a stick from each kit I get as the difference in mass can be pretty drastic between kits. Mass is not the best indicator of cooling efficiency because material can matter, and of course, heat dissipation is reliant on surface area, not volume or mass. That said, it is still interesting to compare.

The G.SKILL Trident Z Neo comes in at 64.51 g on my scale, which is on the high end. The copper alloy heat spreader is heavier than aluminium counterparts. For height, the G.SKILL Trident Z Neo comes in at just over 43 mm with my calipers, a little below the average 45–50 mm range, which is great for cooler clearance.
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