GeCube Radeon HD 3850 X-Turbo III 512 MB Review 13

GeCube Radeon HD 3850 X-Turbo III 512 MB Review

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GeCube ships their card in a massive package which is also a stand-up design. So compared to most other cards on shop shelves, these cards will stick out and draw attention. On the back you have a list of product features in several languages. What I miss here is an information about the actual clocks of this product. The sticker on the front says "OC Edition", but it doesn't state the overclock anywhere on the package.

You will receive:
  • Graphics card
  • Instruction Manual + Driver CD
  • DVI Adapter, HDMI Adapter
  • TV out cable, Component TV out cable
  • PCI-E power cable
  • Internal CrossFire Bridge
  • PCI-E power adapter
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