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Glorious Model D Review

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Glorious revised their packaging compared to earlier batches of the Model O and O-. The new box is both wider and longer, but not as tall as the old one. Instead of being routed behind the plastic tray on which the mouse sits, the cable is now placed right next to it, eliminating any risk of the bent cable causing issues. The box includes the mouse, several stickers, a quick start guide, a card with information about other Glorious products, and two cards with some words from Glorious' CEO. Lastly, a set of supplementary bigger mouse feet are included as well—these can be added to the pre-installed ones for a larger mouse footprint.


My scale shows around 68 g (+/- 1 g) for the matte version and around 69 g (+/- 1 g) for the glossy version, each with a bit of cable—an excellent result. Glorious indicates a weight of 68 g and 69 g (respectively) without the cable, which appears accurate given this result.


The Model D comes with the same improved version of Glorious' "Ascended" cable recent batches of the Model O/O- have been updated to. It's a very flexible cable with barely any kinks right out of the box. Glorious also offers several color variants (eight at the time of writing) of this cable for individual purchase and self-installation. The length is 2 m (measured). The cable has a ferrite bead attached to it, which helps reduce signal noise, as well as a gold-plated USB connector.


The feet on the Model D are white-dyed >99% PTFE (Teflon) feet. They are noticeably thick and come with slightly rounded edges, resulting in an excellent glide.

A set of additional bigger feet is included in the box for those preferring feet bigger than the stock ones. They are made of the same material, but are thinner in order to sit flush with the small feet. In order to apply these, remove the protective film on the feet first. Then remove the 3M tape and stick them next to the pre-installed feet. While this works somewhat well in practice, I think it's a bit of a gimmick. The pre-installed smaller stock feet still sit slightly higher than the supplementary big feet, and there are gaps between the two feet types as well, which severely limits the usefulness of the whole thing. Still, it's worth giving a try at least—the feet don't leave any sticky residue after removal, and you may end up liking it nevertheless.
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